We shared a room growing up- one side painted hot pink, one side painted light blue. We shared everything, sometimes willingly, sometimes when bribed.  Now that we live far apart, our relationship is sustained by shared text messages such as these: 

  • Also we only ever use basmati rice for everything now because it doesn't get clumpy and gross
  • I mean as much as I hate it, i can't deny that I'm Elle Woods
  • Tonight should be happy, but I'm anxious. I need a pep talk.
  • I sat down to read and then 47 minutes later I'm designing my own American Girl doll
  • I've taken like four preg. tests and nothing. I know I'm not pregnant bc we have followed all the rules but I am getting fertile mucus out the wazoo. It seems like a triple peak. 
  • Listen to all of the More Perfect episodes. I want to be a Supreme Court justice now
  • Please pray for Miriam. We are sleep training her-ish (I've been in there like four times already) after me sleeping with her at night bc she was sick and she is having a hard time. I'm so sad and stressed
  • I need this beret, right?

I didn't need a beret. I needed a pep talk. She needed advice. I needed a podcast recommendation. She needed validation. I needed to laugh. She needed cooking tips. We needed prayers. 

We needed each other. 

Whatever you might need, we're here for you. Whether you don't have a sister, aren't close to your own sister, or just want tips on how to make an easy gumbo, you've come to the right place.  We're all sisters, and this is The Sister Post.

Kat and her daughter Miriam are on the left and Gen and her son Patrick are on the right.

Kat and her daughter Miriam are on the left and Gen and her son Patrick are on the right.

We want to welcome you to our blog, and we hope you enjoy what you see here!  On this blog, both authors write every article without seeing what the other sister wrote first, so that we truly present our individual opinions on the topics without being influenced by the other sister (granted, we talk about most things anyway, so we kind of already know at least something about what the other sister is going to say).  We also want to say that while we post many of our opinions about things like where to shop for baby clothes, how to feed your baby with solid food, etc., we know that these are just our opinions; we don't want any readers to feel as though if they do something differently they are doing anything wrong.  We just want to share what has worked for us and hope that it can help you if you are interested in learning more about a certain topic that we address here.  While we do believe that there are certain truths that are absolute and unquestionably certain, we recognize that our opinions about what tastes the best from the crockpot and how to clean out your closet do not fall under that category.  And we'd love to hear from you if you've found anything that works better or even more information about what we've posted!  Let's all remember that we're here for each other, as sisters, and when we love one another without condition, we're doing what we are made for.