nursery tours: our inspiration and how we decorated

gen's nursery:  classic, magical, and soothing

Home decorating whilst pregnant is a fantastic excuse to troll the aisles of Home Goods and Hobby Lobby. Nesting is a biological function, and walking is beneficial for you and your baby, so nursery decorating is essentially like eating spinach. Patrick’s room was the first one I ever got to design from start to finish (with the exception of the tile floors), and it’s definitely my favorite room in our house. The room doesn’t have one specific theme- my goal was for it to be a blend of classic, magical, and soothing.


The color palette we chose was deep blue, pale blue, white and gray- boyish but soft. The constellation wall was inspired by a paper machè vase I made in high school. When I imagined having a son, I pictured us bonding over dinosaurs, space, and Middle Earth- a few of my favorite things.


I did have to destroy an old paperback of The Hobbit to frame these illustrations. It was the third or fourth copy of the book that we owned, so that made it feel slightly less like murder.


Kath gave Patrick this print for his Baptism. It was exactly what this wall needed. We pray this prayer together every night.


This dresser is IKEA, and it is ubiquitous among instagram nurseries, probably because it is pretty, versatile, perfectly sized, and relatively inexpensive. Bolt it to the wall.


This lamp is from World Market. There are so many adorable lamps out there, but we liked this one because it looks like a glowing dinosaur egg when it’s on.
This coed saints print from Studio Senn is another gift from Kath. Get you a sister who basically funds all of your nursery decor.


kat's nursery:  gender neutral, franck's reveal, family treasures

The “Father of the Bride” movies have always been some of my favorites (the newer ones with Steve Martin especially).  The scene in Part II when Franck reveals the baby nursery to George is one of the sweetest and most emotional parts of the movie in my opinion.  Ever since I can remember, I have wanted my baby nurseries to look like the new Banks baby’s nursery.  I love the glow of natural light hitting whites and beiges, stuffed animals and rocking horses, plush chairs, and pretty, neutral-colored linens covering the floor, the crib, and the windows.  

When I was purchasing things for my first baby’s nursery, I knew my budget wouldn’t really reach the same level as George Banks was willing to spend on his baby, but I tried my best to stick with a neutral nursery that had similar elements to the nursery in the movie.  Since we didn’t know what we were having, we eventually added a few touches that were more feminine and appropriate for Miriam, but we started off with a pretty simple, white-based nursery that could work for a boy or a girl.


I tried to put at least one rocking animal, as well as some plush ones of various sizes throughout the nursery in order to have that “Banks nursery” feel.  Additionally, I got this overhead crib tent from IKEA for maybe like $15-$20 that added a lot of character and charm to the nursery.  Our crib is from Wayfair, but it’s a Graco crib that converts into a toddler bed and then a full size bed.  I chose this one because I could see it growing pretty timelessly with the child who slept in it.


We got our dresser from IKEA with Gen’s help - she chose this one as well.  It took Jonathan and me about an entire day to put it together.  Maybe we’re just slow, but it was definitely a looonnng project.  Totally worth it because it looks great and is very sturdy, and the drawers are smooth and easy to pull out.  The pictures on top are primarily from my travels when I studied abroad in Austria, but some are from trips Jonathan and I have taken together too.  The gold frame on the dresser has a drawing of the alphabet with different New Orleans or Louisiana landmarks and symbols.  It was given to Miriam by her godfather.  Miriam loves her New Orleans alphabet and points out her favorite things on it on an almost nightly basis.  


Our rocking chair is from Wayfair.  I wanted a recliner rocker, something that wouldn’t smash a little kid’s hands if I rocked but also something that could recline in case I wanted to nap with the baby.  I didn’t get this piece until after Miriam was born, but I stuck with gender neutral and a cotton-linen fabric so it can be moved from nursery to nursery if necessary.


I bought some frames from Dollar Tree and matted them with stationery paper to put some pictures of important people in Miriam’s life on her wall.  There is a picture from Jonathan and my wedding, a picture of our announcement to friends and family that we were pregnant with her, a picture of her grandparents, a picture of Gen’s son Patrick and our friend Mary’s baby Willa, and at the bottom a picture of Jesus surrounded by lilies in my favorite adoration chapel - the Portiuncula at Franciscan University.


On this hanging shelf next to the bookshelf, there’s a frame with a cross-stitched bear and Jonathan’s full name stitched at the top with “Jesus Loves You” at the bottom.  His godmother gave it to him when he was a little boy, so we wanted to include it in our first baby’s room.


This icon was written by a good friend’s mom as a wedding present for us.  I absolutely love it, especially because it’s handmade and beautifully done.  And it adds a little pop of color to an otherwise pretty neutral nursery.  The frame sitting on the windowsill says “We made a wish and you came true.”  It was made by one of Miriam’s babysitters, and it’s so special because this woman has been such a blessing in our lives and like an aunt to Miriam, especially when I went back to work after three months of leave.


We have a print from Rose Harrington Art, given to me by one of my best friends, Meredith, after we lost our first baby Louis.  We like to have this dedication to him in Miriam’s room so that she is always reminded of her big brother in heaven.  The picture of St. Anthony is in honor of Miriam’s namesake, because her middle name is Anthea, purposefully given in honor of St. Anthony.

I recently painted the lyrics to The Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun” for Miriam because this is the song we sing to her before she takes her naps.  She came into our lives after a long winter of frigid cold (our first winter in the North), suffering from the loss of our first baby, and a season of sadness.  After that long winter, we found out in spring that we would be having a baby (Miriam) the following winter.  Since then, we’ve had so much sunshine, and we feel truly blessed to have such warmth infused into our lives because of our little girl.